Home Details

The finished design is a beautiful 3 story Prairie Style home, with wide overhangs, 3 upper decks, a screened swing porch on the main level, a porte-cochere,  a butler’s kitchen and pantry (with a second dishwasher, second oven and second sink).  There is also a kitchenette in the huge third floor master suite. The grounds have been renovated with extensive gardens, berms, detailed landscaping and a large fish pond with a waterfall. The fish pond currently houses 14 contented Koi. There is a beautiful western view to the skyline of Minneapolis from one of the two decks on the third floor.

The house has fine decorative details- including stylized dot designs made from purple heart wood, imported from Central and South America.

To give height and length to the stretch of rooms, slanted soffit decks were built at 7 feet throughout the first floor to provide display space and to allow for soft  indirect lighting. The first floor walls of this long house are painted with soft colors, especially noticeable in the bright spring sunlight. The walls and ceilings of the foyer, living room, dining room and breakfast room are highlighted with bands and expanses of slightly duskier paint, defined and edged with thin strips of natural birch.

A spectacular stairway, adorned with stringers of purple-heart and birch, leads to the second floor, where there is a library and office area room with long windows overlooking the Mississippi River gorge and parkland. The second floor also has two bedrooms and a large bathroom. The 720 sq ft Master Suite third floor has a fireplace, a kitchette with microwave, mini-refrigerator, and bar sink. The two outdoor decks are each about 240 sq ft, one on the East side and one on the West side. The West side deck has wonderful views of downtown Minneapolis in the distance.

Each floor is spanned with rows of Prairie Style windows, opening up the house to include a park lawn, earth berms, a small forest of trees, multiple gardens and the fish pond with waterfall, all part of the calm, refreshing ambiance of the household.

For ease of entertaining, there is a 2nd oven and stove top in the butler kitchen adjoining the main kitchen, plus an additional sink and dishwasher.

The 2nd floor bathroom is a large Italian tiled spa bath area with a separate two head shower. The second floor also features a library and office area and two additional large bedrooms.

This is a gracious home designed for 21st century living and entertaining.

1307 East River Road has one traffic light between the home and the Guthrie Theatre and downtown Minneapolis, taking the beautiful Minneapolis Parkway’s West River Road.

The home sits on it’s own city block separated from other homes, affording tremendous privacy.

Across the street is a Minneapolis City Park stairway down to the path along the river. A little to the south along the parkway is another entrance; a bike and walking ramp also weaving down to the river. Next to the Mississippi River is a beautiful scenic path that goes north from there along the river, up to the UofM and beyond.  It affords a beautiful walking and biking path into the city or over to the Guthrie.